Avoid the media at all costs

If you can learn one thing from the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case it is that you should avoid the media at all costs. For those of you who have been sensible enough to avoid watching the news you might not have heard that the former IMF chairman was detained for allegedly raping an hotel maid.

The media flew into overdrive and tried and found him guilty in about five seconds. That way they could milk the situation to the end. If they had reported that the person was detained and awaiting trial and that it was unlikely he was guilty, the public would have been far less interested.

And yes we can blame us the public for having bred a monster – the media. We want to read that rubbish and watch it on TV. We buy into the one sided reporting never questioning if there could be two sides to a story.

The same with our celebrity stalking. After all we are the ones buying the People and Hello magazines and waiting for hours outside venues to watch the celebs arrive. We stoke the fire. We feed the monster.

We never once consider the ‘victim’ that we peruse. We somehow think that because the person is famous, has a lot of money, or many affairs, or has great skills or whatever makes this other better than we think we are, that entitles us to hound and pry into their private lives.

They made money, they are famous. Price of such wealth and fame is for us to be allowed to snoop into their very being. Prying camera lenses, intrusive paparazzi, questioning journalists, close up TV views are all allowed. Easy. Because these people deserve it.

Regrettably this has lead to some of the press corps and their media bosses becoming monsters. Uncontrollable monsters. Stay out of their clutches. It’s not worth the tiny moment of fame. It could all go so wrong.