Blog Action Day 2011

I missed this one last year. But this time I’ve had a few invitations one of which came from VSO. So I had to remember this time around. The theme for this year is food and Vietnam, where VSO sent me as a volunteer, has still a fair amount of food shortage. That’s actually not […]

Give the cat a break

Some poor techie writer is getting himself all wound up about the fact that a cat has half a million followers on Twitter. It’s really quite sad when some folk take themselves too seriously. But it’s par for the course isn’t it. A new tool, gadget, software app or trend comes around and the early […]

Drones R Us

What has the internet done for people? Besides the information overload, it’s also delivered another benefit. It has provided the multitude of voice-less, powerless people an opportunity to flex their muscles, make a difference, voice an opinion, be heard. Why could this be so important? Could it be that people living in the present moment […]

Old and still raring to go

Just recently I have come across some age defying people. And it has again made me wonder why the current young generation living in the developed world is so intent on sidelining the older folk. What’s with that, I wonder? It never used to be like that. The first one was during an evening of […]

2008 the same as usual I should think

Predictions for 2008? Highlights of 2007? I’m sitting in Brighton, speculating about this. Candles are lit, the Christmas tree is still ok, although the needles are starting to malt quite rapidly. And it has roots, so we hope to plant it out in a forest somewhere. That is if we can find a forest where […]