Another war for America

Are the American people not tired of war? One wonders. And didn’t Obama loudly proclaim, in fact it was one of his winning promises during his first time around election spiels, that he would not have committed America to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Promises. Yet here he is. Doing the big sales pitch […]

Unemployment is not always about no jobs being available

The United Nations brought out a report on domestic workers at the beginning of 2013. An interesting statistic was that Spain is one of the top employers of domestic workers and most of them are foreigners. Hey what? The country with one of the highest unemployment numbers in Europe imports labour. About 2 million of […]

There be dragons

Well actually it is more like ‘There be Monsters’. Towards the end of May I wrote about the Monster that we the consumers have bred. The Media. We, who have a voracious appetite for bad news, terrible news about famous people, scandals and disasters, have ensured the media delivers just that. My subject was about […]