Do you want success in Online Dating? Watch this Video

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Online dating is about two sides
This fabulous TED video discusses a woman’s path to finding the right life partner. It’s a great view of online dating and shows how one woman tackled her journey through this landmined field of finding the right one for herself.

There were two elements to her quest. The first one was to find the ideal person online. This was of course relatively easy as she checked through profiles and identified the type of person she wanted to be with via a long list of points she had compiled to indicate what she was looking for in her partner.

She did find this person online. However, to her shock and dismay this person didn’t find her attractive and did not respond to her message.

The online dater needs to present an attractive picture
This small disappointing fact made her realise that there were two aspects to this search in the field of online dating. The second part of successful online dating is all about how the searcher presents herself. And cutting and pasting out of ones CV isn’t really going to work too well.

She tackled this part of her task with much energy setting up ‘test’ profiles to review the market so to speak and identifying the best online profile that could offer her a chance to attract the right person.

And she discovered there were definitely characteristics that allowed certain online daters to be more successful in the online dating environment than others.

She did end up meeting the right person during her trip through the online dating journey. And if you are looking for a partner, you might want to check out her video to see how she did it. It’s an interesting take on online dating. Or Mi Amor en Linea as the Spanish might say.