Another war for America

Are the American people not tired of war? One wonders. And didn’t Obama loudly proclaim, in fact it was one of his winning promises during his first time around election spiels, that he would not have committed America to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Promises. Yet here he is. Doing the big sales pitch […]

Wow, such a hugely unpublicised and amazing victory for women

The London Olympic Games will have one huge victory that will go almost unnoticed but is nevertheless enormous in its significance. Every competing nation, all of the 205, are sending women athletes. Now you might think, so what? But it’s actually a big thing. Arab countries have quietly opened their in-take of athletic representation to […]

Chinese people start flexing their muscle

One never knows whether the riots in the UK might have made the Chinese a little more aggressive about the concerns they have about their government, but whatever it might be, the Chinese people are braving the streets with protests. For instance a recent touch of rioting, as reported in Der Spiegel, happened in the […]

Kids collecting wood mistaken for insurgents

Ten boys between the ages of 9 and 15 were attacked on March 2, 2011. Nine of them died. They were collecting firewood to heat their homes. They live in the eastern Afghanistan mountains. One of those terminated with extreme prejudice situations. Or what’s also euphemistically called ‘collateral damage’. There were two sets of brothers. […]

Bullying by kids – parents have to work harder to stop it. In support of the ‘It gets better’ campaign.

It gets to me when the media, citizens and parents attack schools pointing out their failure to control the children that are in their care. And especially the culture of bullying that seems to have risen to new levels in the last few years is firmly laid at the feet of schools, society and everybody […]

Blog Action Day – All about Water

For me the image of scarcity of water always conjures up Zulu women walking along small man made paths carrying plastic containers on their heads in the beautiful KZN Midlands. I grew up in South Africa and went to school at a boarding school surrounded by farming communities. The sight of women and young girls […]

Thanks to the media Pastor Terry Jones becomes an uncalled for celebrity

So this rather insignificant alleged Pastor Terry Jones leader of a church in Florida that counts a flock of 50 in its congregation has suddenly become this high-profile political entity. The reason for this notoriety is the fact that he has threatened to burn Qur’an’s on the commemoration of the 9/11 tragedy. This nonentity of […]

Still wondering about the reason why the UK went to war in Iraq

So the war in Iraq was supported by the UK because Blair, the then Prime Minister, was worried about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Oh but there weren’t any to be found. Well then it was the hatred of tyranny and terror. Mmm, they didn’t find too much of that either. Sure, they finally found […]

At what stage do you let your strings be pulled by the puppeteer

How much effort does it take to hoodwink people into believing something that is not even remotely based on fact. What kind of indicators need to be present to make us believe what we are being told? Do we need photographs, films, celebrity endorsement, the media and books, TV appearances and radio exposure? What makes […]

Would you be proud to be an iPorn Girl

Do you ever wonder when enough is enough? Where are your boundaries? What does it take to step over them? At what stage do you say that’s enough! It seems that nowadays there are no more boundaries. It’s all grey. No more black and white. This thought crossed my mind when I saw the iPorn […]