You thought that was bad – then check this conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theories have always amused me immensely. In fact ghost and spook stories have been more often enjoyed for their amusement rather than to stoke up a bout of fearful hysteria. Not even horror or spy movies quite shocked us to the extend the producers had in mind. Although The Bourne Identity trilogy would be […]

To Twitter gets a new meaning that has nothing to do with birds

There are more than 540 000 words in the English language. This is apparently about five times more than during Shakespeare’s time. Amongst the many new words or meanings fighting to get accepted onto the hallowed pages of the Oxford English Dictionary would be ‘twittering’ and that would not involve birds. It was early February […]

The rise and rise of mobile phone connectivity

According to Jan Chipchase, principle researcher for Nokia, there will be 3 billion people connected on mobile phones by the end of 2007. That is a fair chunk out of the approximately 6.3 billion people inhabiting earth.  He also anticipates that within another two years, a further billion people will have connected. Wow. That puts […]

The reason why bloggers blog

According to Technorati, an internet search engine for searching blogs, the compay is currently tracking 104.6 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. There are certainly blogs that are written by employees of companies trying to put a good spin on their organisation and products or services they offer. There are […]