Penitence for the bad amongst us

  Italy has been in the news quite often for the goings on of its rather colourful politicians. One noteworthy proponent being Silvio Berlusconi. He conjures in ones mind the perfect example of what the Mafia stood for. Political player, entrepreneur and above all else a person who felt he or she stood above the […]

Effective strategy against terrorism – stop the manufacture of arms

People are making money out of selling arms to terrorists. Sure it’s companies. But, here’s a reality check. If you have shares in Dassault Aviation, Sukhoi, Mikoyan, EADS, Finmeccanica, Thales Group, Lockheed Martin, Boeing or BAE Systems then you are making money out of terrorism. Or what about an investment in companies that appear harmless? […]

What would you change about yourself?

A blog I follow mentioned this link to a documentary. The question asked to intellectually disabled people was whether they would change anything about themselves. The answers were surprising. What do you think somebody would say asked this question? Somebody with Down’s Syndrome for instance who has struggled all his life to be recognised as […]

Too much going out and not enough coming in

Here is a great example of what’s going wrong with the economy world wide. This one is about the US Postal Services that’s on the skids. Well, dead actually. Hoping to get a hefty bailout from the government to try and survive a few more months. The US Postal Service is government regulated. It has […]

A send off with a difference

The death of a loved one is celebrated quite differently in diverse cultures. Funeral customs are definitely strange to Western visitors to Vietnam. And there’s no better place to find out than when your next door neighbour dies unexpectedly or expectedly. In this instance it seems an unexpected passing away. Granny was only 68 and […]

Who asked the USA to be the morals police

Daimler agrees to pay $185m after admitting to bribery charges. These charges were made by the US Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission on the strength of an investigation into the company’s global sales practices. The question that needs answering is why the US would charge a German company for bribery they committed in […]

When does genius become acceptable

We come across the concept of tipping point mostly in popular culture, business or in trends. At which point does a smart phone move from being a gadget for the elite to an everyman’s have to have tool. Or an iPod becomes common. When does that happen? The thought crossed my mind when I came […]