Blog Action Day 2011

I missed this one last year. But this time I’ve had a few invitations one of which came from VSO. So I had to remember this time around. The theme for this year is food and Vietnam, where VSO sent me as a volunteer, has still a fair amount of food shortage. That’s actually not […]

Reflecting on work performed by VSO volunteers in 2010

VSO volunteers worked in over 50 countries across the world, through federation members and programme offices. Over 3000 individuals have volunteered with VSO during those 12 months, and spent more than an incredible half a million days, working to support poor people across the world in their fight against poverty. And together, VSO staff, volunteers […]

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Is a sustainable livelihood possible for a disabled person?

‘Sustainable livelihoods for young people with disabilities’. That’s the new slogan recently developed for Hold the Future. It’s nicely compact and describes exactly what Hold the Future is about. What would you imagine that means? A non-profit centre that gives disabled youths an opportunity to work and earn a living? Hopefully, that’s what you would […]

A new Volunteer for VSO

For many years I have had this dream that one day I would be able to contribute in a more meaningful way to this world. Many many of my years were spent working long hours to make money for somebody else. Often loads of it. Nothing wrong with that. But mostly these efforts resulted in […]