Responsive web design – heard of it?

  Success story for a retailer using responsive web design Of course we hear all the stories about responsive web design and how we should all be heading towards this. After all mobile devices are taking over the world. Aren’t they? So is your website responsive yet? It’s nice to find a report where responsive […]

Another war for America

Are the American people not tired of war? One wonders. And didn’t Obama loudly proclaim, in fact it was one of his winning promises during his first time around election spiels, that he would not have committed America to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Promises. Yet here he is. Doing the big sales pitch […]

On weddings and wedding gifts

Recently read this great article on brides and their tantrums. Find it here. Learned a new expression. The CTFD Method of coping with weddings. It stands for Calm the Fuck Down. And the writer gave a bunch of examples that so hit the spot that I laughed out loud. Writing about weddings and wedding venues […]

Hoping you fail

  Have you ever considered that there are a bunch of companies and industries where the main focus of their business is on their customers actually failing. That is, they post growth and profits when their customer base doesn’t benefit from their product or service. Scary thought that. It had never occurred to me before. […]

Weddings, get your marketing message right

What on earth does marketing have to do with weddings? Anybody following me will know that my current obsession is around weddings. Tons of content being written about it. In fact if you want to read more about it go here  Yorkshire Wedding Venues or Wedding Venues. So today I was mulling over this topic […]