No amount of charity will help if you don’t take responsibility for your own life

This is really interesting!  Helen Zille, Democratic Alliance leader, was officially sworn in to become the Premier of the Western Cape in South Africa. I would imagine that it was the first time a white woman had this honour bestowed on her in South Africa. But am guessing. It is the only province which the […]

The Aid money is just not getting to the people

The sums of money given in Aid to needy countries often seem shockingly high. In the case of some countries in Africa it appears that years of sending through Aid has not lessened the suffering of the ordinary people. Yet there seems to be a pattern in countries where large sums of Aid is sent […]

Swine flu has got nothing on Malaria

Did you know that malaria kills nearly one million people a year which is about 2 700 per day – most of them children under five in Africa. In fact, on average a child in Africa dies every 30 seconds from a malaria infection caused by the bite of a mosquito. Stats supplied by WHO. […]

Facebook seems to be allowing developers at your content

So here we go. Facebook it seems will be announcing today that it will allow third-party developers access to user content with the purpose of allowing more application development. Mmmh. The article in the Wall Street Journal makes it sound all happy and fabulous and a huge bonus to Facebook users. For instance developers could […]