Obama and the issue of abortion

Amazing what people think and say. It never ceases to surprise me. And at my ripe ol’ age I should be used to human mankind and what they get up to. But no. I’m still taken aback.

A little commotion is happening in the USA. Sure, again. It’s about President Obama. Again. This time though he isn’t coming off that cleanly. Yet, in comparison to letting off folk who condoned and instigated torture,  it isn’t as if he is doing anything wrong this time. Really.

Would anybody with some logic think that a person who states that a debate should be held where all parties to the debate should voice their opinions with reason and respect for all other opinions was voicing an outrageous statement?

Well that’s what’s going down in the USA and what went down specifically at University of Notre Dame. The President was accepting an honorary degree and repaying the honour by delivering the commencement address.

The topic of his speech? Abortion, or at least the discussions around it. And did that get the feathers flying and the hecklers out of the closet.  This topic is such an emotional issue that doctors have been murdered over it by people against abortion because it kills children.

Does that make sense? Kill somebody because you are against them killing? I suppose the old testament is all for that – eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth kind of thinking.

What was the President calling for that got people’s hackles up? He was calling for a respectful debate. Oh shock and horror. How awful. After all if you have a strong opinion on something and you are most definitely right then there should be no debate. Should there?

But what happens if you are wrong? Ha. Got you on that one didn’t I. But surely there are just some issues where there is a clear defined right and wrong? Well, maybe in your mind there is.

What if you are wrong? Or what if you are right but there are lots of rights. Can’t be? Every single person on this planet has his own ideas on right or wrong. These ideas are determined by age, culture, religion, race, gender, nationality you name it. A whole bunch of influencers.

Is it possible then to have one moral code, one set of standards by which one must live, one pre-defined list of ideas and opinions that each of the 7 billion inhabitants of this planet has to abide by?

Could be a bit of a problem to enforce that. Leaving you with that thought to ponder on your own. Don’t look at me. I don’t have the answer, sorry. I might just be pro debate though….

Just as an aside. There are calls by some folk that the University should not have bestowed an honorary degree on President Obama. After all he has such radical opinions!

Seriously though, considering Bob Mugabe got a few, some thirteen or so, from international universities as well as an honorary Knighthood from the British Queen herself why shouldn’t Obama get a degree because he is asking for rational discourse? Beats me.