Why is the war in Iraq still going on

There are some unbelievably heart wrenching photographs on the internet showing the grief of people at the loss of a loved one during the Iraq war. It makes me cry even though I do not have anybody even remotely related to me who has been killed in this war. This picture of a girl lying […]

Obama and the issue of abortion

Amazing what people think and say. It never ceases to surprise me. And at my ripe ol’ age I should be used to human mankind and what they get up to. But no. I’m still taken aback. A little commotion is happening in the USA. Sure, again. It’s about President Obama. Again. This time though […]

100 days in the hot seat

On Huffington Post there is a page with 300 photos of Obama’s first 100 days in office. They are a wonderful selection of personal, behind the scene and sometimes humorous view of the life of a president in high office. There are two things that struck me while watching this slide show. One was that […]