Give the cat a break

Some poor techie writer is getting himself all wound up about the fact that a cat has half a million followers on Twitter. It’s really quite sad when some folk take themselves too seriously. But it’s par for the course isn’t it. A new tool, gadget, software app or trend comes around and the early […]

The Pied Pipers of Social Media

As the internet morphed from Web 1.0 – oh wait there was no Web 1.0 – to Web 2.0 and towards Web 3.0  it’s showing some interesting new trends. In particular social media is the hot topic to end all hot topics at the moment. That’s where it’s all at isn’t it? One would be […]

Facebook seems to be allowing developers at your content

So here we go. Facebook it seems will be announcing today that it will allow third-party developers access to user content with the purpose of allowing more application development. Mmmh. The article in the Wall Street Journal makes it sound all happy and fabulous and a huge bonus to Facebook users. For instance developers could […]