There be dragons

Well actually it is more like ‘There be Monsters’.

Towards the end of May I wrote about the Monster that we the consumers have bred. The Media. We, who have a voracious appetite for bad news, terrible news about famous people, scandals and disasters, have ensured the media delivers just that.

My subject was about Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) the then Chairman of the IMF who had been arrested for rape and tried and found guilty by the Media. The hysteria around this case caused the judge to initially deny bail meaning that DSK ended up for some time at one of the worst prisons in the USA.

Then with expensive and high-powered lawyers DSK managed to get some form of bail which involved full on house arrest as well as 24hr guarding which costs DSK had to pick up himself at a princely sum of $250 000 per month.

Not only that but with the hype of the Media DSK and his wife struggled to find an apartment as the Apartment Building Owner committees wouldn’t allow him to rent in their buildings. After all he was now a convicted criminal. So they were forced to spend even more on a house.

Even this blog had a comment questioning why I would consider him innocent. Well, for one he hadn’t had his day in court at the time. Isn’t that enough? Innocent until proven guilty is the law in the USA.

So I was not really surprised to read that DSK has been freed without bail.

It appears that the prosecution is now not so sure about the honesty of its one and only key witness. Her story has started to fall apart. Now the prosecution is scrambling to pick up some crumbs hoping to persuade DSK to plead guilty to some lesser charge. And good for him he is not playing ball.

It’s a pity that it is highly unlikely DSK will be able to make the Media accountable for this public lynching. In a matter of days the baying reporters wrecked this man’s future. After all he was a prime candidate to become the front-runner for the French elections.

Let’s just hope that he is able to pick up the pieces and find a way forward. He should have our universal sympathy and apology for what we have done to him. But regrettably it doesn’t work like that. We, the hardened public, will shrug our shoulders and move on to feast on the next scandal/disaster/public hanging. Reminds me of Madame Defarge. So much for evolved people. We haven’t changed at all it seems.

Shame on us.