What to do about Wedding Venues that are too small

Gorgeous Wedding Venues decoration

Gorgeous Wedding Venues decoration

Too small Wedding venues
Your search amongst wedding venues has lead you to a gem of a spot. You love it and know this is the one. But there is a problem. The wedding venue is too small for the number of guests you are wanting to invite. Your invitation list has been pared down to a minimum.

What to do?

Here are a few tips on how to find that extra bit of space to accommodate your special guests. And for more info on wedding venues visit Wedding Venue.

Split your events
It is not necessary to have dinner and dancing in the same room. If your wedding venue of choice has another room available you might be able to move your dancing to this area. Alternatively try an outside area that may be covered in case of bad weather.

It’s not a bad idea overall as it means that the dance music can be ramped up and the those lingering over their meal and catching up with friends are able to talk to each other over the noise.

Standing only event
Provided you have the right ambience there’s no reason why a small space cannot serve as the ideal spot for the wedding ceremony. Make it a short ceremony and have your guests stand with you. Of course do allow some chairs for the older folk who might need to sit. Overall though, a slightly crowded space lends its own atmosphere to the proceedings.

Extra space required
Should your dining area require more space for just one more table, see if you can’t move extra items out of the room. Perhaps you don’t need that stage area for the MC. He or she can speak standing next to your table rather than up front.

Move the bar out of the room. Perhaps there is a courtyard available that can serve as a bar area or even a wider passage can accommodate a table to serve drinks from. Eliminate any superfluous decorations that might take up space and bring the wedding cake in for the cutting at the very end.

Serve the buffet outside
If you have decided to have your buffet meal then see if you cannot set up the food table outside the room. Do ensure though that guests do not have to open a door while carrying their full plates.

Choice of music
If you have space for the dance area but not enough space for a band then see if your area can’t accommodate a DJ rather. It might save on the budget as well and provide you with that extra small amount of space that may be used for another table or a slightly larger dance area.

Be clever with tables
Round tables tend to take up a lot more space than rectangles. You might need to create a kind of refactory style look. Make a focal point out of a necessity and you could create a wonderful atmosphere. Rather than appoint people to a table you have the freedom to allow everybody to sit as they come in. With a few glasses of champagne you could end up having a great mix and match event.

You will be surprised what a little clever thinking can do to allow you to have your event at the wedding venue that you really love and that you know will suit your bridal party and guests the best.