What to do during an economic winter

I got invited to comment on a topic – Farmer or Hunter During Economic Winter. One can take this literal and answer whether as a farmer one should end up going out into the wilds to hunt an animal for the pot. Or whether one should just relax and wait it out.

Or one could look at this in a broader picture. It’s actually not an easy topic to debate. Everybody is different and will react to hardships differently. Some people will hibernate and others will go out aggressively. There isn’t really an easy solution to the question.

Probably one of the best bits of advice one could follow in this scenario is that one should not focus on one stream of revenue alone. So in the winter of a recession, when everything seems to be gloomy and discouraging, it might be an idea to have a look at other opportunities.

What skills do you have that you might have underrated in the past? Are you a great and passionate writer? Why not start a blog and do a bit of monetising the blog’s real estate.

Or perhaps you enjoy cooking. Try your hand at making nutritious meals that you sell to your friends, your local church community, the bridge club or other social groups you might be a member of.

What about those great cookies you bake or the fudge that melts in your mouth made with the recipe you inherited from your gran. Or what about the green fingers you have. Maybe just collecting seeds and selling those or fixing people’s lawnmowers. You would be surprised to find out how many people might be interested in your skills.

Cast you eyes around for something that you can do well, or are even just passionate about. You will accumulate skills as you go along. A whole new little business could develop. And maybe out of this time of necessity, a whole new wonderful business opportunity could present itself. However you handle this economic winter, it’s going to present tough times, that is certain.

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